Discover Your Work Style

The Four Work Styles™ is written in the style of an Executive Summary.

Each of the 5 Chapters focuses on a different leadership area providing you with the language and tools to work at your best:

Ch 1: The Four Work Styles™ - Guiding you through the process of discovering your preferred Work Style

Ch 2: Crossing the Finish Line, Before You Start – Guiding you through the process of understanding and setting-goals that fit how you are wired to achieve

Ch 3: Navigating Conflict in a Healthy Way – Guiding you through the process of understanding your preferred way of handling conflict

Ch 4: The Heart of Collaboration – Guiding you through your intrinsic motivations for doing work that matters, and how you can best collaborate with other people to set them up for success

Ch 5: Discovering the ‘i’ in Genius - Guiding you through the unique strengths of your Work Style and how you can make your greatest contribution in business and in life

The Book     

When you order The Four Work Styles™ you’ll get an immediate download to begin your journey of discovering your unique Work Style. This powerful resource is designed from the best practice in leadership and management psychology. It explains and illustrates a simple paradigm to help you gain clarity in your professional and personal life. Each chapter focuses on a different area of leadership to help you choose your best path forward in business and life.  You never have to work or lead re-actively again. 

Invest in the Book

 The Online Course       

When you order the Online Course, you’ll get an immediate download of the The Four Work Styles™ and be enrolled in a 5-week Mastermind Course with other executives and leaders like you. Each Mastermind Session includes a conversation with Steve Knox who will personally guide you through The Four Work Styles™. You’ll be amazed at the insight and authenticity of the conversation as Steve leads you through the process. Join the conversation and discover clarity, purpose and a better way to lead today. 

Invest in the Online Course

*By purchasing these products you will be investing in future leaders – 5% of all purchases are donated for the education and development of young people.


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